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utu social platform


UTU is a social platform built to benefit members

Traditional social media platforms are built to invade privacy and sell personal data to profit the few.

UTU gives the benefit back to members by rewarding their attention.

UTU is a social platform

for real people


utu social platform real people
  • 360 bio verification, one account per person
  • no bot or fake account. Decentralised Identity
  • provide security, transparency and trust that
  • weren’t possible before.

UTU is a social platform built on blockchain

EOSIO open source blockchain infrastructure and smart contract provide transparency and trust.
No shady algorithm and misleading information.
No profit driven manipulation news feed.
UTU gives control back to users and community.

Innovation & familiar features

Anyone can use UTU, it’s FREE & EASY

Create a group chat up to 5000 members

Group video conference up to 300 members

utu Innovation, familiar features

Send picture, short video & files

Chat, Voice & Video

Share post in your

private group

  • Traditional social platforms sell users attention
  • UTU rewards members action
  • Complete community tasks
  • and get reward tokens by
  • Post Share Like Comment
utu Share post in your private group

Upgrade your group chat to a DAC

all in just

ONE click

utu Decentralized Autonomous Community

UTU takes community Further

Create Decentralised Autonomous Community and token

  • Advanced DAC management
  • Custodians election
  • Worker proposal system
  • Referendum & Vote
  • Prediction
  • Tasks
  • Third party application
utu Decentralised Autonomous Community and token

Wallet for everyone

utu Blockchain  Wallet


No private and public key management

No tech knowledge required

Anyone can send, receive and trade


All your assets are recorded on

the EOSIO open source blockchain Secure and immutable

utu Defi 2.0

Free & Instant

Next Gen AMM system leveraging the world most powerful blockchain - EOSIO provide easy&smooth experience for mass adoption

Be part of the movement

utu Request Beta Access